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About me   
Gus Gibbon, chiropractic, rugby, pamm, back pain, back problems, neuro-muscular stimulation, spinal realignmentMy Osteomyology clinic is run by myself John‐Paul Gus Gibbon M.A.O Lic. Ost. I first qualified as a chiropractor in 1993, however I de‐registered from the Gen. Chiropractic Council (as have very many others before and since) hence the reason that I no longer associate myself with my former title since 2008 and no longer use the title of chiropractor.

To understand the reason why I (and many people) resigned in disgust at the questionable policies of the G.C.C. and how the vast majority of chiropractors I have spoken to in the profession loathe them, please go to:- http://www.chiropracticlive.com

My Background   
Following severe injuries sustained in a motor cycle `hit and run’ incident aged 20, I suffered often debilitating pains throughout my body. So much so that my entire 20’s were blighted by pain, yet it didn’t prevent me from searching for a treatment that could properly help.

As a merchant navy officer, I tried many different approaches throughout the world as well as here in the UK when home on leave. Eventually (after over 140 treatments from various people) I found Steve Dudley, a chiropractor that incorporated deep tissue massage and manipulation…

He confirmed a startlingly simple problem (that I knew of) that no one else had, and within four treatments my life had turned around. I was so astounded and so incredibly pleased at my new found freedom from pain that I resolved to change careers.

My treatment focuses on freeing up nerves throughout the body; thus enabling the body to heal itself from `dis‐ease’ much more ably. My treatment involves head‐to‐toe assessment, massage, mobilization and manipulation to restore joint function and, in so doing, correct the underlying root causes of pain i.e. not treating symptoms! Advise on postural improvement and other self help regimes, exercise and of course nutrition – the foundation for good health.

chiropractic, rugby, pamm, back pain, back problems, neuro-muscular stimulation, spinal realignmentMy treatment features the very latest innovations in spinal health technology, such as the amazing Theraflex machine (a type of robotic spinal adjuster) plus an incredible invention that was spawned from an idea discovered during the Normandy landings, on D‐day 6th June 1944 known as a Radial Shock Wave Device. I also complement my therapy with a top‐of‐the‐range split drop‐table from Atlas Clinical, that has motorized capability to stretch the spine with gently gradiated traction and flexion and leander motion too. I incorporate a Pro‐Med 3‐D massager and an H‐Wave Neuro‐muscular stimulation device (as and when needed).

I sometimes incorporate my top‐of‐the‐range Power Plate too…

The advantages are that my patients with disc and/or spine problems get an extremely beneficial decompression of the spine and most report feeling `taller’ as well as greatly eased.

The benefits are that I can achieve greater results with fewer visits, as it relieves the pressure on the discs and facet joints and promotes self‐healing.


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