19, Station Road, Dunton Bassett
Near Lutterworth, LE17 5LG

Your first visit

Your initial visit includes a consultation designed to understand the individual needs of the patient, with reference to any past medical condition/operations/drugs etc.

I explain what I do i.e. look at the body as a whole, in order to find and realign imbalances in the muscles and skeletal framework – not just your back aches or shoulder/neck ache(s) etc.

Importantly, everything within you is connected to every part of you; this helps to explain why or how people often report that many `other’ aches and pains have been resolved such as treating the pelvis can easily correct knee problems etc.

Headaches are a classic example i.e. by effectively treating a `stiff neck’ it often improves blood flow to the brain so much so that headaches and migraines disappear fully and rapidly!

On a cautionary note: If you have suffered many years with a condition – whether treated by many other therapists or not, three or four treatments may not be enough to eradicate the cause of pain, and following my helpful advice is essential to regain health as soon as possible.

Please be assured that I fully appreciate that emotional upsets can eventually create deep seated physical pain too.

My goal is to massage, soothe and rapidly manipulate imbalances throughout your body (known as subluxations) back into balance so you may achieve optimal health quickly.

I allow 30 minutes per treatment and initially see people between 3 – 6 visits. I will not ask for any money `up front’ and my philosophy is to get you fixed a.s.a.p. so you go out and tell all your friends and family and `spread the good word’.

Remember Osteomyology is not about back pain but it does successfully treat the causes and eliminates the effects. I do not heal people, although I do use Reiki Healing (when asked), but I can and do help facilitate the body’s own healing process so that when I straighten people, they heal themselves – simple!

N.B. if I feel it appropriate, I may utilize my Fitvibe Excel Power Plate as this Russian invention is quite simply amazing, not just as an exercise tool but a rapid recuperative modality’