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What I treat

My therapy is an eclectic, uniquely diverse approach to realigning your structure. I base it upon the many different techniques I have received and cherry-picking the best ideas from those that worked. I don’t regret the pains and the huge number of failed treatments I had, because it moulded my technique to what it is today.

Not only do I get speedy results but I like to give straightforward advice that really works, such as nutritional advice, exercise (where appropriate), an amazingly simple postural help idea along with re-training people out of bad postural habits – that may have caused their problems initially!

My treatments feature spinal adjustments plus the very latest innovations in health technology, such as the amazing Theraflex machine (a type of robotic spinal adjuster) that also feels wonderful on tense, imbalanced muscles ~ more later…

I utilise a top-of-the-range split drop table, that has motorized capability to stretch the spine with gradiated traction, flexion and leander movements. The benefits are very effective and gentle spinal decompression that feels wonderful, especially for disc trouble sufferers.

I also incorporate a sensationally soothing [according to many] ProMed 3-D massager, a very effective neuro-muscular stimulator (that blocks pain for more serious conditions) and an incredible invention known as a Radial Shock-Wave that is especially good for treating hypertonic (very tight) muscles/tendons/ligaments.

My two latest therapy additions are a top-of-the-range world-leading hydrotherapy unit from Arctic Spa’s in Canada ~ more later…

PLUS an incredible invention from Dr. Harry Oldfield that uses collimating light through a crystal to interact with your body’s energy patterns/flow (aka chakra’s) that can actually be seen and felt working within minutes! It sounds far-fetched, but I have already had tremendous success with cancer sufferers, thyroid problems etc. (see testimonial page) ~ more later…

I sometimes use a tip-back spine board, or inversion table and/or a ‘Neck-Pro’ that gently and effectively helps to release ‘stuck’ facet joints in certain neck conditions and I have a German built FitVibe Excel Pro Power Plate (or Whole Body Vibrational Technique) that is a world leader. All of which promote rapid healing.

I have the very best equipment to help me to help you better, faster.

N.b. Please remember that pain is very often the last symptom of a problem; this is why I urge people to see me at least once per year for maintenance after their problem(s) are resolved – after all, you give you car an `MoT’, so why not look after your most important asset? Also please note that a sick body often leads to a strained home life!


In General:

Some causes of pain may be occupational i.e. low back strain, neck pain, migraines etc. from too much lifting, twisting, driving, sitting at a desk, using a laptop, etc.

Some illnesses cause pain and dysfunction such as certain types of arthritis or even auto‐immune disorders and cancers etc. + simple wear and tear after repeated actions undertaken in the workplace. Pregnancy can also cause spinal and/or pelvic joins to displace. Poor sleeping habits, inappropriate mattress, poor diet, posture, emotional stress etc. can all cause imbalances which may eventually become restricted movement followed by stiffness, an ache then pain. There is also direct trauma, accidents, sports injuries, overuse injuries etc.

Many people put up with nagging pain because they do not know that there is often a better alternative to medication.