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The Theraflex machine scientifically demonstrates a rapid way of restoring the supple elasticity of the spine. Once this has been restored, there is less stress on the affected joints, and the spine regains it’s mechanical efficiency.


The device causes spinal vertebra and the deep and superficial spinal muscles to be massaged, mobilized and manipulated with incredible speed and accuracy, far quicker than a human hand could possibly do.



The animation shows how the Theraflex works by activating a deep spinal arc reflex as it ‘taps’ specific joints between the vertebrae to spring them back towards their correct positioning and integrity. Thus helping to achieve normal physiological function and thus free up any irritation to the nerves that would otherwise elicit pain. It embodies a well known mathematical axiom which states that: Force = Mass x Acceleration.


The photograph shows (courtesy of Alteristic Instruments) a huge improvement that occurred in a woman’s spine – thanks to a Daily Mail article in 1997 – showing the path of her spine (the dotted blue line) prior to treatment. The solid line shows the vast improvement achieved during a course of treatment for a scoliosis. A specialist had told this lady she needed major surgery, including Harrington rods placed in her spine to stop it collapsing! However, after a series of treatments she regained 2” in height, has little pain and “best of all” states the patient, according to the same consultant, she now no longer requires an operation – how good is that? Be a judge for yourself…

For more information: visit the Theraflex web site