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The first two testimonials here are related to my new ‘Crystal Harmony Light Unit’ and the (NEV) New Energy Vision system invented by Dr. Harry Oldfield and now used by me to detect and treat ‘energy imbalances’ within the human energy field aka biomorphic field (some people refer to these as ‘chakras’)

“Your treatment was marvellous and I am so grateful to you for steadfastly advising that I pursue an MRI scan for the swelling over my sacrum that remained even though my back ache was hugely improved in two treatments.
You were right to be concerned and despite the hospital initially refusing to give me a scan, you insisted that I persisted through my G.P. and I am so grateful as it turned out your suspicion was vindicated as I had got a very rare form of bone cancer called a Chordoma.

The energy vision camera picked up ‘imbalances’ in the area of my sacrum and right inner thigh and incredibly the crystal unit caused those colours/patterns and sensations in my body to change within minutes. I could actually feel sensations of warmth and touch over the scar where the hospital had cut away the tumour prior to visiting the USA for Proton Beam Therapy. Prior to your crystal treatment I had lost sensation in the area but it came back within 10’…incredible!

Please do not leave the area.
Bob Mower – Coventry

“Thank you for giving me my life back, Gus. You straightened me out with your ‘spinal balancing’ and the help you gave me in coming off the many prescription drugs was invaluable. My strength has returned, I am now driving my car again etc. and back to leading a normal life.

BUT I have to say that when you put that crystal on my throat with blue light pulsing through it for 20′ to boost my thyroid function, I was ‘bouncing off the walls with energy’ for several days after – wonderful. My children are great too thanks to you.
Mrs. Sylvia Dawson – Braunston, Northants

“I had been experiencing a great deal of pain and tightness in my right shoulder which had caused the range of motion in my arm/shoulder to be limited. On visiting Mr Gibbon, he explained the problem could be bicipital tendonitis and that shock wave treatment could reduce the inflammation in the tendon. After three sessions of this treatment as well as different types of manipulations, the range of motion in my right arm had greatly increased and the pain had almost completely gone. This improved state of my shoulder allowed me to perform strengthening exercises and today I have a much stronger and completely pain free shoulder. Thanks.”
James Brown Styvechale Coventry

“I suffered anovulation since puberty, also digestive problems and urinary tract infections. I experienced a failed IVF course and questioned the cause of my infertility – that the medics surmised was poor blood supply to my uterus. Upon seeing Gus, he immediately found spinal misalignments and explained that an earlier serious car accident in childhood was the likely cause of my back ache and uterine dysfunction. After Gus realigned my spine, the nerve and blood supply to my abdomen was greatly improved and my health problems vanished. I now ovulate normally and I have 3 beautiful children to be grateful for. Gus transformed my quality of life forever.”
Judy Groves Portishead nr. Bristol

I am a 6’4” ex rugby player, now beyond the half century mark and the abuses of my body show themselves every now and again. I have known Gus for most of his career and have every faith in his capabilities. During my playing career I visited umpteen physios, acupuncturists, and others claiming to be able to rectify all sorts of ailments. Gus is the one person I have found to be intuitive and able to deal with my problems, I have no hesitation in recommending his Osteomyology skills.
Andy Ambrose – Burbage, Leics

I have known and been treated by Gus for several years now and have always found him to be very honest, caring and professional in his approach and treatment. He has also, in the last 2 years, treated both of my younger children. He is always more than willing to give good, practical advice to help you help yourself and will not recommend anything extra than what is required to “fix” you. As I have told him many times – I would not go to anyone else as I know he is Simply The Best!!!
Carolyn Dorning Harbury, nr. Leamington Spa

I spent many years in pain with my back. I tried all the different treatments available, including painful injections into the spine and nothing worked. I was introduced to Gus some years ago and have had a ‘pain free’ life since, with just the occasional maintenance trip. Thanks Gus for the caring approach and all the helpful advice to keep me ‘walking tall’.
Christine Baker Charwelton, Northants.

Fran and I would like to thank you for the treatment we have had from you. You have always treated us with respect over many years and always kept treatment to as few visits as possible for which we are grateful.
Harry and Fran Wiles Rugby, Warwickshire

Hi Gus, I thought I’d let you know how great I feel and that I am very pleased you found the problem in my neck and upper back so that now I don’t suffer awful migraines anymore – they are gone!
Karen Taylor – Bilton, Rugby

Thank you for your time and good advice both myself and my husband have received over the last 10 years or more. We were both sceptical about any relief we may get from our nagging pains yet after only a couple of visits the relief was enormous! We expected to hear you recite the same explanation for his discomfort as mine but you were able to tell him exactly what his problem was.

The reassuring thing about coming to see you is that I always feel a big improvement which I have not found when on a couple of occasions [when you moved to the IoM] we needed to try other therapists more locally; the other thing I would like to thank you for is the fact that you never suggest more treatment than it is absolutely necessary so please keep up the good work as we don’t know what we would do if you moved away.
Carol and Brian Kempton Hillmorton, Rugby

I have been a client of Gus for a number of years and I sincerely recommend you visit him if you have any problems with pain and/or back problems. It is quite startling when you find out all that is misaligned etc. but he is a true professional and soon enough you will be walking tall and feeling young again – well worth it!
Diane Hitchcock Northfield, Birmingham