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Hydrotherapy Treatment Tub

“In aqua vitale = vitality through water”

Our hydrotherapy Leicestershire based unit compliments my head-to-toe structural and muscular realignment treatment. [N.b. you may enjoy the hydrotherapy on it’s own if you prefer to just relax and enjoy the hot, soothing yet powerful jets] *I will of course need to firstly establish your health status/suitability for hydrotherapy.

Hydro-therapy is a universally recognised healing modality that has been recognised since before Roman times

hydrotherapy leicester

Naturally I expect people to shower/bathe at home immediately prior to hydro-therapy (there is a changing room, toilet and wet wipes are provided). Please ensure no body oils and/or lotions are worn and I respectfully ask that people remove bracelets and waterproof watches [as these may scratch the tub/jets]
The tub has 5 pumps with a 4-stage filter system together with a Peak II Ozone system for oxygenating the water to kill bacteria along with a chlorine dispenser. The chlorine and PH are monitored daily. The water is replaced every month and the filters are cleaned and changed regularly

ARCTIC ‘Klondiker Epic’ SPA
Should you suffer from muscle and/or joint stiffness, aches and pains, the scientifically designed revolving hydro massaging jets in my top-of-the-range and state-of-the-art Arctic ‘Klondiker Epic’ Spa offer patients a controllable pulsing rotational massage to all parts of your body…

Each seat and both loungers have ergonomically placed jets that allow control of the water pressure, so you can have a perfectly placed and balanced massage to suit you. The unit is kept at a year round 38.5 to 39.5 deg C

hydrotherapy Leicester

Some of the many benefits of hydro-therapy massage are:-

If you are stressed out and in Leicestershire then it is worth the journey. N.B. Stress is important in our lives as it is a ‘prime mover’, in other words, it gets us out of bed in the morning, motivating us to push forward and progress. However too much stress (especially prolonged) leads to STRAIN that adversely affects us not just on a physical level, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally…it can take-over and ruin our lives!

Stress is a cause of headaches, fatigue and tension including rigidity in joints and tight (hypertonic) muscles. The therapeutic effect of soaking in my hot spa relieves tension and eases stress whilst stimulating natural endorphin and many other ‘feel good’ chemical production

Research suggests that soaking in a hot spa for 20 minutes will lower your blood pressure, especially if you drink water prior to entry and recent studies also reveal that spas enhance rehabilitation of patients recovering from stroke

The hot spa raises your body’s surface temperature, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage to and from them, thus boosting circulation and reducing the tension of your muscles, whilst aiding relaxation and releasing more toxins from your body.

An added benefit is that prior to spinal manipulation, it effectively makes the treatment much easier to achieve and more comforting…the antagonist muscles and prime movers being so relaxed that they do not ‘revert’ to their previous tense state so readily – therefore accelerating healing! Joint misalignments are much more easily released.

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A soak aids healing and recovery from post-exercise aches and more serious muscle and joint injuries. Top sports men and women have installed spas themselves for peak mental and physical condition – and to speed up rehabilitation.

The hydrotherapy Leicestershire based unit will greatly help you sleep. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 70 million Americans suffer from mild to chronic insomnia/other sleep disorders. A recent study in the scientific journal Sleep showed that soaking in a spa prior to bedtime can help insomniacs achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Soaking in 39 deg C water 2-3 hours before bedtime relaxes and re-sets the hypothalamus’ thermostat making it easier to both fall asleep and remain asleep through the night. Not only does a spa’s buoyancy ease pressure on joints and muscles, but mood elevation and relaxation express themselves in unparalleled health improvement. Soaking in a spa can help you to fall into a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

hydrotherapy leicestershire

A recent study of patients who had undergone knee replacement surgery found that not only did they experience less pain, but their recovery time was faster than for non-‘soakers’. Their range of motion improved significantly faster and they used less pain medication than did the non-‘soakers’.

Lower back pain is the number two reason in the U.S. (after colds and flu) for visiting the doctor. The British Journal of Rheumatology published a study which demonstrated that spa therapy has both short and long-term benefits for people with lower back pain. A later study in the same journal also mirrored those findings. After three weeks of consistent spa therapy, examinations showed more improvement in the health status (as measured in pain scale duration and intensity and back flexibility) of the spa treatment group than of the medication-only group. After six months, large improvement continued in the spa therapy group. In addition, their use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs had significantly decreased.

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Millions of people in the U.K. suffer from some form of arthritis pain. The good news for sufferers is that there are safe and effective ways to both minimize the discomfort and prevent further damage. According to a publication from The Arthritis Foundation entitled: Spas, Pools, and Arthritis; “Regular sessions in your spa help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage. Exercise can also improve a person’s coordination, endurance, and the ability to perform daily tasks, and can lead to an enhanced sense of self-esteem and accomplishment.”
“A spa fulfills the need perfectly – providing the warmth, massage, and buoyancy that is so necessary to the well-being of arthritis sufferers. The buoyancy of the water supports and lessens stress on the joints and encourages freer movement. Water exercises may even act as a resistance to help build muscle strength.”

As an added bonus, my Spa contains a blu-tooth electronic signal generator, that synchronises smart phones and tablets to the tub’s speaker system, should you wish to listen to soothing music whilst relaxing
N.b. Volume level must be strictly controlled so as not to disturb the clinic neighbours either side!

* Please also be aware that certain medical conditions and individual cleanliness can and do preclude hydro treatment, for the health, safety and comfort of other users, not least myself. I personally have benefited hugely since my idea to install the Spa…but don’t just take my word for it – come and try it for yourself and be amazed!

For pricing, please contact me on my landline, mobile, or via email shown on my ‘Contact’ page.