19, Station Road, Dunton Bassett
Near Lutterworth, LE17 5LG


John-Paul Gus Gibbon M.A.O. Lic. Ostm.

My Osteomyology clinic is run by myself. My middle name is my preferred name. I first qualified as a chiropractor in 1993. I de-registered (along with 100’s of other’s) from the questionably honest General Chiropractic Council in 2008 and joined the Association of Osteomyologists’ run by an amazing former Osteopath, Sir Alan Clemens.

My Background:

At age 20, I sustained life-threatening injuries on a friend’s motorcycle when we were struck by a ‘hit-and-run’ driver – I landed awkwardly with my helmet coming off (which may explain my cheerful attitude) 60 feet away! I suffered debilitating pains throughout, being unable to walk properly for many months…

I eventually went to sea as a radio officer; seeking all manner of treatments, both at home and on my travels around the world for the following 13 years. Eventually, (after over 140 visits and a great deal of expense) I found a treatment that incorporated a `whole body’ approach that worked wonders on my headaches, spine, neck, shoulder, ribs, right hip, leg and ankle. I found tremendous relief after just 4 treatments! I elected to have 3 further visits (despite the distance) and following my new found freedom from aches and stiffness, I decided to change my life path; to help people as I had been helped.

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